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Governor and Cabinet Approve Curry Island State Land Management Agreement

Agreement with Lake Okeechobee Habitat Alliance expands opportunities for recreation, enhances natural resource protection.

TALLAHASSEE - To expand opportunities for recreation, and enhance resource protection, Governor Charlie Crist and the Florida Cabinet, sitting as the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, approved a lease agreement between the state of Florida and the Lake Okeechobee Habitat Alliance, Inc. (LOHA). The agreement, which allows LOHA to manage more than 2,700 acres of state-owned land located at Curry Island in ....[more]

Lake Okeechobee: A Valuable Economic Asset

To understand the competing pressures that are routinely placed on Lake Okeechobee-as a source of irrigation water, a source of water for the Everglades, habitat for wildlife and birds, a navigational resource, a dumping ground for agricultural runoff, and a support-system for commercial and recreational fisheries-it is helpful to understand the economic stakes behind its management. This can most easily done by looking at the relative economic value of two economic sectors that rely heavily on the Lake-agriculture and fishing.


Florida is the country's ninth largest agricultural producer w....[more]

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